Hands are exactly what the name suggests - a collection of 10,888 Ape-Hands that have been carefully hand-crafted to match in style and attributes, the BAYC Apes which have revolutionized and inspired the growth and adoption of NFT collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain! Hands are an ode to BAYC and to all NFT creators and collectors in general! Hands are a recognition and appreciation of the true freedom of creativity NFTs bring to artists! Hands are a reminder that NFTs are here to stay! Hands are an emblem for the proven & growing belief in this space that “We are All Gonna Make It” (#WAGMI)!

While they make a pretty unique statement as profile pictures themselves, Hands are designed for much more! Hands work as an extension to two projects - (1) The BAYC Apes, (2) The BonesAndBananas Bananas! Once you mint a Hand, you could use the “handy” HODL feature on our website to effortlessly choose between the NFTs you may be holding from the above mentioned projects to combine with your Hand(s)! Or simply put, if you had an Ape and/or a Banana, you could combine them with your Hand to create an ‘Ape with a Hand’, or a ‘Hand holding a Banana’, or even an ‘Ape with a Hand holding a Banana!’ And all this with zero artistic skills! We know your BAYC Ape is a special PFP and it would take a lot for you to replace that with something else. So we built Hands to add to your Ape as a perfect complimentary layer because we can all co-exist and #WAGMI!!!

Firstly, Hands are of historic significance! In that, Hands mark the emergence of a new category in NFT collectibles space - the Complimentary (CMP) category! This is a significant shift from the popular Profile Picture (PFP - Pro File Pic? :/) category where collections are designed primarily to function as your avatars on social media! Hands on the other ‘hand’ are built to claim some of the prime real-estate within your existing favorite PFPs! There have been a few other projects before Hands that were built as layers (clothes or hats or other accessories for your Ape/Cat etc.) but Hands are probably the first to match every trait of an existing project to create perfect extensions that can be generated/combined effortlessly via our website! Secondly, Hands were designed to fully utilize the 100% creative & commercial licenses that come with the NFTs involved, to possibly create value and liquidity to holders! We’ve designed a mechanism called “Community Collection” to achieve these objectives (See the Community Collection section below for details)! Lastly, Hands are built to act as access tokens along with Bananas for future phases of this project! - Think airdrops/early-access/merch/games and so on!

As the name suggests, Community Collection is a collection of 10k NFTs that are 'hand' created by the Community - the first cross project, gamified, community-controlled collection of its kind! Community Collection feature will be unlocked two months after the Hands are launched and will be terminated two months after unlock! Once active, users who hold a Banana (Bananas are always the real deal btw!) and a Hand, and optionally a BAYC Ape, can create and mint a unique combination of these assets (Hand+Banana or Ape+Hand or Ape+Hand+Banana) on the Community Collection! Each combination MUST include a Hand and users can mint one combination for each Banana they hold. Further more, each Banana will only allow one mint, and each NFT (Hand/Ape/Banana) can only be used once in the collection. Users can track through the website if a Banana has already been used to mint an NFT, and if an NFT has already been used in a minted piece on the Community Collection. Rarities, number of traits, matching attributes/aesthetics are therefore fully controlled by the community! Creating the most unique combination is the name of the game, and the choice is yours - the power is in YOUR 'hands'! Minting on the Community Collection will only cost GAS and minted NFTs will show up in your wallet - you are free to hold, trade or list your Mint(s)!

Hands are priced at 0.042069 ETH (+GAS) each (they are after-all from the future and you don’t know their significance yet! ;)) GAS prices vary based on how congested the Ethereum network is at the time! You could use https://ethgasstation.info/ for information on current GAS prices  

Secondary sales attract a 6.38% commission fee. This is in addition to Opensea fees which are 2.5% at the time of launching Hands, bringing the total to 8.88%. We plan on using some of these proceeds towards future developments, partnerships and giveaways!

Hands can be minted on our website www.nanahands.io using a compatible Ethereum wallet - we recommend MetaMask! There will be a link to this website from within the parent site www.bonesandbananas.com as well

Anyone can mint a hand but Banana holders and 888 Inner-circle holders get priority-minting access for the first 24 hours through pre-sale! Presale window closes at 11:00am MDT on 23-Oct-2021. There is also a limit of one Hand max per wallet during pre-sale. This is to try and navigate GAS wars while rewarding early supporters of both the projects! Public-sale will begin right after the 24 hour mark and there will be a 6 Hands max per transaction limit during Public Sale. Note: Inner8 members (holding 8+ 888innerCircle NFTs in their wallet) can claim 1 Hand for FREE during pre-sale for each 8 pieces of 888InnerCircle they hold! The website is equipped to check your holdings and determine if you are eligible for a pre-sale claim. For the free-claims, we have taken a snapshot of 888InnerCircle wallets at 18:05 on 20-Oct, and have enabled claims based on the holdings at the time of snapshot! Please note, you will need to pay for all GAS fees even on Free claims.

We’re honored to have pieces from our dear artist friends who have had their Hands in creating some of the rarest pieces on this collection. Contributing artists (Twitter Handles): @SanderJansenArt @reylarsdam @_loopymoon @4th_Perspective @TerribleUzay

There are five 1-of-1 Hands created by our dear artist friends in the mix. If you are lucky and mint one of these, you could claim the Physical piece (actual painting/sketch or a signed 1-of-1 digital print - whichever is applicable) as long as you hold on to your 1-of-1 Hand for at least 2 months! (proof will be checked on the blockchain). If you happen to sell it before that, the first person to buy it on secondary can claim the physical piece! -> You could reach out to us for all Claims either here on Discord or on Twitter -> If you meet the eligibility criteria but fail to make a claim within 3 months form eligibility, so long as you still hold your Hand, you can claim the physical, but you will lose your claim if you sell your Hand before claiming!

Unfortunately, these are custom made super rare pieces that do not sit well with our HODL functionality! Think of these as the cream of the collection though - you got the best deal if you got one of these! :)

We have 8 Hands there were modeled around BAYC Honorary Apes. While you can use these Hands on the HODL page, we are still looking for ways to incorporate your Honorary Ape (if you hold one) into this functionality. We will update this section once we manage to find a way to do this! Meanwhile these are all 1-of-1 Hands and considered some of the rarest on the collection!

Aside from the Artistic-Hands and Honorary-Hands, there are various traits and combinations of traits (or lack of) that contribute to the rarity of each Hand. We will be setting up some rarity tools shortly and we will make an announcement on our socials (and add a new section on this FAQs page once that’s setup).


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/BonesBananas
Medium: https://medium.com/@bonesbananas


Bananas Website:https://www.bonesandbananas.com
Hands Website:https://www.nanahands.io


2D Bananas:https://opensea.io/collection/bones-and-bananas
3D Bananas:https://opensea.io/collection/bones-and-bananas-3d-airdrop

Contract Address

2D Bananas (Ethereum-Mainnet): 0xfbb6684ebd6093989740e8ef3e7d57cf3813e5a4
3D Bananas (Polygon): 0xe61b8c377dcc05480163999a3efd51419a70c670
Hands (Ethereum-Mainnet): 0xc09494eb80187162845a8d34de6a8e6d37dac59b

Please feel free to reach out to us either on Twitter (@bonesandbananas) or on Discord (https://discord.gg/8hpgq4QeK2). Rest assured, we will try to get back to you as soon as we humanly can!