Beyond the PFP

Sure, the Hand is a cool PFP! Even cooler when you stick your Banana in it. And seriously the coolest when you couple it with your Ape and BOOM! your Ape is holding your Banana!! But the Hand is so much more than that! It creates the boldest of bold statements! What the smiley emoji is for basic textual happiness, the Hand is WAGMI for the block! It is an ode to diamond hands and an inspiration for the not-so-diamond-ones to HODL tight! A not-so-subtle reminder that in the palm of your Hand you hold great power! And a Banana!! It’s an audacious display of camaraderie for the community! It is the harbinger of a new era! NFTs have proven they are here to stay. Reach out your Hand and grab the future by the ... err, BANANAS!!

In your Hand, you HODL the power!!

The Hands were built to perfectly cradle your Banana! … Or anything else, really! Hands were build to provide an outlet for creative expression. So go ahead and use the HODL feature to create your favorite combos using the Ape/Banana/Hand NFTs you hold! Or flex those Photoshop skills and use them Hands the way you like. The choice is yours!

Why show one when you can show ‘em all?!

Hands were built to compliment the ever-popular Ape ecosystem. With Hands, you don’t have to choose between one or another NFT for your pfp anymore! Simply use the ‘hand’y feature on our website to combine your Hand with a Banana and/or an Ape to create PFPs as unique as you!

Worth the mint!

Hands provide a chance at liquidity without diluting your original Ape ecosystem NFTs. Looking ahead: once secondary sales of Hands reach 1K ETH, a limited community-collection will be unlocked where you will be able to mint your carefully curated Ape/Hand/Banana combos. Collect a hand that perfectly matches your ape, or create a combination that you thinks works better! Add a rare banana to the mix, or add a banana that matches your Ape! The canvas is open and the choice is yours. Mint quantity will be limited and on FCFS basis. Plus, you can list your mint or hold it - you have 100% creative and commercial license on your Hands just as on your Apes or your Bananas!